Learn to Speak Doctor: Translating Your Medical Tests into Results
Team Members
  • Joseph Chan
  • Jeremy Ozymandias Fallick
  • Emily Aster Jones
  • Ahmad Rana

Medical results often contain large amounts of medical jargon that most people are unable to understand, which unfortunately means that when people read over their results themselves, they have no idea how to interpret them. Previous solutions relied on the doctor interpreting the results for the patient and telling them how to fix whatever the patient suffered from. However, this relies entirely on the advice prescribed by the doctor rather than allowing the patient to take control of their own health, since test results are not put into context or translated into actions. Our solution translates medical results into layman's terms, allows patients to understand the risks of the illnesses they may have, and provides a step-by-step guide for the actions that the person should take to improve their health. We would begin with a lo-fi prototype primarily based on blood tests, but we will also interview physicians to confirm risk analysis and behaviors taken from academic sources and test the prototype on patients. Patients would benefit from better understanding of and engagement in their health, and doctors would benefit from reduced noncompliance.

Part A1: Individual Project Proposal

Part A1: Feedback

Part A2: Group Project Proposal

Part A2: Proposal Presentation

Part A3: User Research

Part A4: Video Prototype
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Part A4: Video Prototype Writeup

Part A4: Balsamiq Wireframe Screenshots (as shown in film)

Part A5: User Testing Report

*Note - our paper is slightly over the page limit because we conducted and reported on a usability inspection, which effectively doubled the length of some sections of our report.
Part A5: User Testing Video
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Part A6: Final Report

Part A6: User Testing Footage
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Part A6: Project Website
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Part A7: Final Presentation
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