Energy Conservation at Home through Info Presentation

Group Memebers

  1. Luke Taylor Fritts
  2. Andrew Joseph Darmody
  3. Joshua Sherwin Kamdjou
  4. Robert John Crowell

One idea that I drew up for the layout if it was 2D 3D would be better

Notes From the Brainstorm
  1. Can be implemented - Good alpha product - something we would find useful
  2. Anyone that pays utility bills and care to save some money - Possibly companies trying to optimize their energy usage
  3. Monitoring - Visualization - Modularity
  4. Person paying utility bills
  5. Mobile devices, software for PC, website
  6. Jon Frolic, Home owners, matt the awesome
Random ideas from Brainstorm
  • Website - personal and business section
  • Limiting resisters
  • Alerts; thermo displays; charts for display; achievements
  • circuit breaker monitor; color code regions of the house based on power usage; Legit floor plans - possible plans
  • connect to game system for 3D rendering and interactive controls
  • voice commands
  • PA system
  • convert KWH to $ for user and suggest how to save $
  • before committing changes tell the user how much they either saved or will cost them for the month
  • use weather in the calculation for how the user can save money as well

References for Related Projects or Topics

Rough Draft

Rough Draft
- More summary
- Careful because some of the claims - is what they should want
- NEST for smart home solution
- Motion detected systems
- Try to not say no solutions but not one that fits our needs exactly
- No excellent solution and why

Project Drawings for PowerPoint

If anyone has issues with the docx format give me a heads up so that I can change that

Final Draft Proposal

(Rought draft link will still go to the final draft)

Project Presentation on 2/28/2013

Interview Questions

A4 Video Prototypes

Video Presentation

A5 Lo-Fi User Testing

A6 Final Prototype

A7 Presentation