Due: Monday (2/11/2013) by 4:59pm EST.

There are three parts to this assignment:
  1. Read through your assigned project pitches. We randomly selected which titles you were assigned. Each student must review two project pitches. See Project Pitches section below.
  2. Review your assigned project pitches using the Google Doc evaluation form that we created (see Project Pitch Evaluation Form below)
  3. Read through as many other project pitches as you would like and then rank your top three favorites (see Rank Your Top Three Project Pitches below).

It's important that you take the necessary time to accomplish this assignment both because it's in your self-interest (e.g., you will be working on one of these projects for the rest of the semester) and because your fellow students (the one's receiving your reviews) deserve your attention and respect.

1. Project Pitches

Matt and I prescreened the following project pitches based on the same metrics that you will use in your own reviews: feasibility, originality, coolness factor, quality, and an overall score. These project pitches are in alphabetical order based on title. Again, you can view your review assignments on the assignment sheet.

  1. Allowing Air Travel Passengers to Find Connecting Flights in Strange Airports
  2. Choosing Healthier Food Options in the Supermarket
  3. CondApp An Application for Teaching and Assessing Condom Use
  4. Closing the Food Gap Through Data Analysis, Flexibility and Outreach
  5. Dining for the Deaf Facilitating Restaurant Communication between the Deaf and the Hearing
  6. Do I Need This – Helping Shoppers Make Smarter Decisions
  7. Energy Conservation at Home through Information Presentation
  8. How to Reduce Food Waste
  9. Improving Tools to Help Children with Learning Disabilities
  10. Improving University of Maryland Students’ lives by preventing their cars from getting towed
  11. Increasing Gun Safety in Homes
  12. Increasing Health Care Awareness – Without More Doctors
  13. Increasing K-12 Information Retention through Spaced Repetition
  14. Learn to Speak Doctor Translating Your Medical Tests into Results
  15. Making Conflict Resolution accessible to all
  16. Making Healthy Eating Easier with Maps
  17. Making Open Course Materials accessible across languages
  18. Oscillation Between Two Projections of the Color Spectrum
  19. Outdoor Air Quality and Solar Radiation Awareness
  20. Pay it Forward UMD
  21. Preventing Individuals and Families from Becoming Homeless
  22. Protecting Activists with Automatic Face-Blurring Video Capture
  23. Remote Controlled Surge Protectors for Electricity Conservation
  24. Running on Empty
  25. Save Fuel, Make Money
  26. Making Supporting Ethical Products and Companies Easier with Better Information
  27. Tourism Safety
  28. Using Mobile Platforms to Increase Voter Awareness and Education
  29. Using Mobile Technology to Remove Stress from Commuting
  30. Using Smart Phones to Help Visually Impaired People Navigate Unknown Terrains
  31. Using Smartphones to Improve Condom Accessibility
  32. Using Smartphones to Motivate Legal Behavior in Cab Drivers

2. Project Pitch Evaluation Form

For each of your assigned project pitches, you must fill out this evaluation form. Note: you can also fill out a review form for as many project pitches as you would like but you must complete your assigned reviews

3. Rank Your Top Three Project Pitches

Finally, read/skim other project pitches and rank your top three pitches by filling out this evaluation form. This ranking will be used to coordinate group forming. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed into a group that you ranked within your top three but we will try our best.

4. Review Your Groups Evaluations

All the evaluations, without identifying information, are available in this XLS file.